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Who we are

We want to be a leader and a great material supply locater for the oil & gas sector, power & water sector and infrastructure. We consistently commit ourselves to provide the most advanced and reliable material equipment to attain customer satisfaction.



We provide products as well as services that meet if not exceed the requirement and expectations of our clients and customers. We adhere to the basic quality principles by utilizing both national and international standards. 

In doing so, we convey integrity in our work, confidence in our material supply and satisfaction to our clients keeping in view the following: 

* Offer quality products and outstanding customer service.

* Give quick turnaround times on RFQ’s

* Bring forth new ways of doing business. 

Provide a complete range of export services which can accommodate the demands of its clients no matter where they are based. 

Our goal is to provide you with extra resources and sources of supply to enable you to focus on your area of specialization. With this kind of partnership, you’ll have more time to grow your business while knowing that you have a reliable partner to support your efforts. 

 * We strive to fulfil our clients’ request for any item needed to complete their project on Time and within budget.

* Seek to give our customers the lowest price available.

* Expedite the turnaround time on any RFQ before the bid closing date.

* Maintain an open dialogue between Al Thaaty and our reputable customers.

* Actively seeking to create partnerships and co-operative agreements with government and private sector that have interest and objectives aligned with those of Al Thaaty. 

* Promote professional material supply techniques as the most effective method for sales planning and managing to meet the material ETA at jobsite.

* Partner with local and foreign companies seeking post sale operations for the product to support the client by offering local technical support in the region.

* Provide clients and customers as complete a service as possible, our experience has been channelled into specific areas of industry where our expertise and knowledge enables us to precisely identify our customers’ needs and ensure that we source accurately and are able to buy competitively. 

* Guarantee all the export documentation are in proper order for smooth clearance.

Our Pproducts

Disconnectors (Isolating switches)
A disconnect switch is a switch which has the capability to interrupt power to an electrical circuit or to a group of electrical circuits. Disconnect switches are used in a wide variety of settings, and are primarily employed as safety devices which DE energize circuits so that people can work on them safely. Electrical safety devices are only as useful as their maintenance and the surrounding safety procedures, and a disconnect switch must be used properly in order to be effective.

Load Switch

Top of Form A load switch is an electronic component that works like a relay, but that has no moving parts. Generally, two MOSFET transistors act like a switching element. One of the transistors is an N-channel device, whereas the other transistor is a P-channel device. Types of Load Switches

There are many different kinds of load switches and at Future Electronics we stock many of the most common types categorized by Polarity, Maximum Voltage, Maximum On-state Resistance, Maximum Rated Current, Packaging type and Number of Elements. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search results depending on the required specifications

The most common sizes for Maximum Rated Current are 1.25 A, 1.5 A and 2 A. We also carry load switches with Maximum Rated Current as high as 75 A. Maximum On-state Resistance can be between 7 mΩ and 7 Ω, with the most common load switches having a Maximum On-state

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