Information Technology

Information Technology

AL THAATY GROUP for Information Technology.


Althaaty Information System Information Systems is a company that specializes in developing, serving, and promoting business management software. Althaaty Information System aspires to improve the efficiency and profitability of businesses in the Middle East through a set of high quality ERP solutions and integrated accounting packages that are designed from the ground up with local business and local users' requirements in mind.
Althaaty Information System aims at improving the profitability and efficiency of local businesses through specialized business software that guides decision makers, and enhances users' productivity. Althaaty Information System plays an active role in Software Technology, and aspires to elevate our region from technology consumption, to a more active role that contributes to global technology making.

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.NET Framework
SQL Server
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Custom Software
Althaaty Information System's Custom software development services are intended to serve businesses and Industries no matter what size it is or its specialty.

Enterprise Portals
Portals pay off. Whether you need to aggregate information, collaborate with partners or integrate your applications, portals make it happen by making it easier to communicate and share information with others.

Web Design - Development
Well-conceived and planned web sites are an integral part of every organization's communication needs.

A company or person that provides information; to find a supplier or service, to identify a source". In layman terms, Outsourcing refers to the transfer of ownership of a business process by an organization to the supplier of that particular process.